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Strip Seal with Sinus Plate Expansion Joints

Strip seal with sinus plate expansion joints ensures there is even distribution between the floor plates, which help to prevent the excessive local-based tensions. The floor cracking can be very easily eliminated with the implementation of this concept, and comfort can be improved.

Sinus plate expansion joints can help in reducing the noise from traffic up to 80%. It can also help in covering the straight transverse-based gaps in the carriageway. Hence, with the help of this concept, the wheels of the rolling vehicles can help to maintain the constant contact with the expansion joints, which are installed there. This is the main reason that it can eliminate the noise which is caused by impacts based upon the edges.

The sinus-based plates also have a very special kind of shape that enables the bikes as well as bicycles to cross the whole joint with a high level of safety. These kinds of joints are considered best to be used on bridges built near residential-based areas as well as noise-sensitive areas.

The whole process of bolting is done instead of the process of welding, which is the main reason that the sealing profiles are quickly and very easily replaced in case required. JK Prestressing is one of the leading sinus plate expansion joints suppliers that focus on quality at cost-effective prices. Our clients are highly satisfied. With JK Prestressing by your side, the whole work of installation becomes highly unified and systematic.