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JK-Strip Seal With Anchor Plate Loop

A strip seal expansion joint is a mechanical device used to seal an expansion joint formed between two slabs of pavement or slab to absorb temperature-induced expansion and contraction safely. The gap between the two adjacent slabs is filled with a rubber strip to guarantee water-tightness and prevent debris and corrosion ingress. It is here that the strip seal becomes important. The strip seal is provided to ensure water-tightness. The part that has to be inserted into the groove (provided in the edge beam) should have a bulbous shape.

The strip seal made of chloroprene should possess high tear strength, insensitivity to oil, gasoline, and ozone; it should also have a high resistance to aging. The seal should be vulcanized in a single operation for minimum full length of joint. The importance of anchor plate loop is apparent at this point.

The edge beam is always anchored to the deck by reinforcing bars or anchor plates cast in concrete or a combination of anchor plates and reinforcing bars, where the anchor bars engage the main structural reinforcement of the deck. In case of anchor plates / loops, this is done by passing transverse bars through loops/ plates. The benefits of this system are: -

  • Increased durability
  • Strip seal held in place by a clamping system
  • Simple installation and replacement of strip seals
  • Custom designed anchoring system
  • Protection against corrosion

J.K. Prestressing Co. provides the best quality strip seal expansion joints and anchor plates for all kinds of industrial projects.