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Strip Seal Expansion Joint

Strip seal expansion joint is a popular mechanical component, which helps to cover an extended gap, generated between two adjoining road slab sections. It comes with an elastomeric gland, which comes as mechanically locked and offers a top-notch water-resistant system.

Moreover, these systems are durable and sturdy by nature and so they can even hold heavy amounts of vehicular traffic with ease. Also, it can seal expansion joints with the ace in structures as well as bridges. Here, it maintains movements at a maximum of 80 mm (+/- 40 mm). It is essential to opt for one of the best strip seal expansion joint manufacturers like JK Prestressing Co. to ensure the best product quality.

Strip seal expansion joints also help to combat corrosives and waste that could otherwise act as cold damaging factors of the substructure as well as superstructure elements. The specified operative movement range of such a joint is 0 to 80 mm. However, movements beyond 80 mm need the use of 80 mm openings.

The manufacturing of the strip seal expansion joint system must cater to various configurations as well as multidimensional motions. The manufacturers of the Single Strip Seal must ensure the insertion of the neoprene seal before or after safeguarding the steel shapes to a specific superstructure.

Strip seal expansion joints allow both expansion and contraction of the span with which it is connected. However, it does not produce any vibration or stress to the particular structure. Moreover, these expansion joints do not result in any sort of inconvenience to road users. Added to it, they ensure excellent comfort while riding.

Such joint systems need to stand up to traffic loads accompanied by dynamic effects. Furthermore, it must make sure of accessibility for simple maintenance and scrutiny of every segment, susceptible to wear and tear.