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Slab Seal Expansion Joint

A slab seal expansion joint system is an exceptional approach to seal expansion joints. It is broadly useful in bridges and structures and allows movement up to 125 mm. ‘Inflexible anchoring’ and ‘water light connection’ are the two primary functions that clearly distinguish the types of constructive systems subjected to traffic.

These functions permit exquisite adjustment of two elements sealing profile and edge construction according to the conditions of the traffic road. It very efficiently accommodates heavy vehicular traffic on the bridge.

Bridge deck expansion joint is vital for the operation of bridge structures. These are structural components designed to give smooth paths over the gap between adjoining slides of a deck joint, which is a fundamental discontinuity between two parts. These are installed later during the construction. They cause difficulty due to variation in proportion to the size. As a result, joints fail to function with efficacy.

It is imperative to select good joints for usage as they can cause a few problems related to bridge maintenance. Thus, specific guidelines are proposed by the Indian Ministry of Roads Transport and Highways for designing, manufacturing, and installing of slab seal expansion joint in India.

Features of slab seal expansion joint:-

  • Sealing elements are in continuity
  • Seal is locked mechanically
  • Racking movement ability
  • Less susceptible to abrasion
  • Self waste expelling ability

Types of slab seal expansion joints:-

  • Compression Seal Joint
    1. It is efficient for the smaller movements ranging from 0 to 40 mm.
    2. It comprises two angles with an elastomeric seal fitted in a compressed position.
    3. It is excellent for new work and or replacement of old ones.
  • Strip Seal Expansion Joint
    1. It is most popular and ideal for moderate movements ranging from 0 to 80 mm.
    2. It has two edge profiles with an elastomeric seal in between them.
    3. The strip seal expansion joints work efficiently for more than twenty-five years.
    4. These are favoured by engineers and bridge consultants all over the world.

What’s more? JK Slab Seal Expansion Joint provides the continuity between two parts of the structure, which are in relative movement due to vibration and seismic load.

J.K. Prestressing Co is one of the leading slab seal expansion joint manufacturers in India. We follow standards and protocols set by the Indian Government strictly.

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