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Jk- Single Pull Jack

The super-strong and multi-functional substance for construction, concrete, used throughout the world for myriad projects, has only one drawback. It has a low tensile strength. To take care of this anomaly that may lead to cracks and breakage in any structure in the future, civil engineers use the methods of prestressing and post-tensioning. Strands or wires or tendons accumulate stress prior to the live usage of the final structure and distribute it evenly throughout the concrete structure in these processes.

Now, the post-tensioning method may be bounded or unbounded. In bounded method, the strands bond with concrete directly with the help of grout mixture. In unbounded method, ducts enclose the tendons so there is no direct bonding with concrete. Here, single pull jack assumes significance. It is the instrument of choice for providing tension to the tendons and by extension, to the concrete structure so that it is fit to withstand massive regular loads. This is the complete process of ensuring strength and stability for structures ranging from hotels and hospital buildings and storage tanks to silos and bridges.

The best single pull jack supplier will always ensure that it has a sturdy construction and is able to work with even massive projects without any trouble. Since civil engineering projects vary in magnitude, it is imperative to trust a reputed name like JK Prestressing Co. for providing personalized dimensions of single pull jack as per the requirements and budget of the project, without ever compromising on its international level quality.