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JK-Round Post Tension Anchorages

The anchorage systems are vital to any construction project. These crucial parts of any civil engineering task ensure the connectivity of tendons at one place and safe transfer of prestressing force from the steel strands or tendons to the concrete structure. It is through this delicate balance of tendons, anchor plates, wedges, anchor casting units, grouting vents in the anchorage system that civil engineers ensure the safety and stability of the entire structure in the long term.

The important and most popular types of anchorage systems include flat anchorages and Round Post Tension Anchorages. The round anchorages work marvellously for projects such as bridge beams. Here, the strands, ranging from 4 to 42 in one tendon, come together in a round duct. The high-quality corrugated galvanized metal construction of this duct protects it from corrosion and other kinds of wear-and-tear. The compiling of multiple strands automatically gives round anchorages extra stability which is why it is best for heavy-duty projects like bridges and flyovers.

First, the strands get stressing with the help of a multi-strand stressing jack. Just like flat anchorages, the round post tensioning anchorage system works on the principle of gripping the tendons tightly in anchor head and transmitting force to the structure via the anchor plate casting unit

When searching for round post tensioning anchorage manufacturers in India, look for their vast gamut of expertise in adhering to the international quality of anchorages with multiple personalization options. The promise of utmost quality and experience within every budget is what makes JK Prestressing company the most premier name in the round post tensioning anchorage system domain.