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Prestressing Materials Division

Prestressing is a method of inducing known permanent stresses in a structure or member before the full or live load is applied. These stresses are induced by tensioning the High Tensile Strands, wires or rods, and then anchored to the member being Prestressed, by mechanical means.

The Prestressing counteracts the stresses, produced by subsequent loading on the structures, thereby extending the range of stresses to which a structural member can safely be subjected. This also improves the behavior of the material of which the member or structure is composed. For Example; The Concrete which has relatively a low Tensile strength, shall behave like a member having high tensile strength, after Prestressing.

The High Tensile wires/strands, when bunched together are called Cables. These cables are generally placed inside a cylindrical duct made out of either metallic or HDPE material. The Anchorages, one of the main components of the Prestressing activity, are used to anchor the H.T. Cable after inducing the Load. The whole assembly of the Anchorage and the H.T. Cable is named as ‘TENDON’.