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Omega Seal Expansion Joint Systems

Omega seal expansion joint helps to depict a higher level of advancement in technology wherever it is applied because of the best features it provides. These systems can find their application into the waterproof build-up systems with both cold as well as the warm roof. It is produced with the help of polymer-based distilled bitumen membranes.

Omega type seal expansion joint has revolutionized the whole modern manufacturing-based techniques. These are available in different sizes. The material used is rubber, and the size available is from half an inch to 3 inches.

These are considered to be the best one for railway bridges. At the time of installation, one needs to take care of certain aspects such as –

  • The surface area has to be kept at 1% slope so that water gets drained easily.
  • The nuts have to be tightened properly, and proper welding must be there so that effective locking is ensured.
  • Need to position cap seal on deck’s both sides in a way that gap is covered by omega shape and plain surface sits perfectly on the deck slab.
  • The whole process of wearing base coat has to be done properly so that the seal is not disturbed.

JK Prestressing is one of the leading Omega seal expansion joint manufacturers. We follow a well-defined and systematic-based policy at the time of designing and manufacturing. We have the expertise in engineering related products and believe in the motto of providing the best quality to the consumers because we believe that quality is the life of a particular company. Our company aims to deliver the best quality products at the most reasonable prices.