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Jk-Multipull Flat Anchorage

The modern civil engineering industry uses concrete for global construction projects including buildings, bridges, flyovers, industrial plants, and so on. But concrete provides only great compression ability, not great tensile strength. It thus needs the process of prestressing to ensure that the concrete structure does not buckle under immense load after the completion of construction. The Flat Anchorage is important for the final portion of this prestressing process.

The main purpose of using anchorage is to ensure the transfer of the prestressing force from cables or tendons to the concrete so that the entire structure is strong and durable. The prestressing process uses a high tensile strength bunch of cables and wires to accumulate stress and the flat anchorage system integrates it with concrete in the end. For this purpose, it uses Anchor Plate, Force Transfer Unit, and Duct Coupler, among others, to connect and stabilize tendons or cables with concrete. It is used for multiple projects such as beams, containment zones, slabs, and bridge decks that undergo massive loads regularly and cannot afford to destabilize at any point. The multi-functional utility of flat anchorage makes it popular among all civil engineers.

JK Prestressing Co. is foremost among the best flat anchorage manufacturers in India that provide customized and personalized anchorage solutions as per the different projects. From railways to highways and from underground structures to flyovers, the flat anchorage is an integral part of most modern construction projects. JK Prestressing Co. provides for a complete range of different project needs backed by vast expertise in all things civil engineering.