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Jk-Multi-use Barrel & Wedges

When one hears of the term prestressing, the most important tools one remembers including anchorage system and tendons or wires. There are many other components in every civil engineering project of modern times that deserve recognition. The barrel wedges combination is one such component duo that guarantees the stability and durability of every concrete structure built for withstanding massive load.

A wedge is a conical tapered component with serrations inside it that help it grip onto steel strands during the tensioning process and transfer this stress to the barrel. A barrel is a cylindrical component with space for the wedge so that it can receive the stress of the prestressing process and pass it on to the anchor. In fact, it even works as an anchor block sometimes. Together, the barrel wedges combination ensures that the concrete structure adopts high tensile strength and is strong enough to not crack under the mightiest pressure.

All good barrel wedges suppliers ensure that these crucial components for prestressing and post-tensioning concrete are easy to use, simple to maintain, invite low costs, and reusable dozens of times. Their multi-functionality makes them apt for a wide range of projects including bridges, tanks, silos, slabs, and more. Their reliability and stability coefficients make them stand apart from other components and the best barrel wedges manufacturers make no compromise on this point. Trust the expertise of JK Prestressing Co. for international quality barrel and wedges with a personalized touch, depending upon the varied needs and budget of differing projects.