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Jk-Multi Anchorage Coupler

The peculiar behavior of concrete, high compression ability yet low tensile strength, asks the civil engineers to come up with elegant solutions. Prestressing and post-tensioning methods are the processes that ensure the stability, strength, and durability of all concrete structures in the long run. In the post-tensioning process, the Multi Anchorage Coupler assumes significance. The coupler is a vital component of this elaborate system involving strands, wires, tendons, anchor blocks, wedges, and more.

From bridge grids to water tanks, the anchor blocks are important in most civil engineering projects. These anchor or anchorage blocks have wedge holes to accept incoming strands, bare or sheathed. When one works on a project such as a bridge, there is a process of laying long tendons with multiple anchorage blocks. These blocks join post tension cable coupler that can lengthen tendons as well as keep them in a compact form over bridge grids using the anchor body and wedge plates.

The post tensioning duct coupler also compensates for the stress or frictional loss that often happens in the post-tensioning phase for long continuous tendons. Thus, these couplers are important to evenly distribute the pre-determined stress through the concrete structure so as not to buckle under pressure later.

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