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Mono Strand Coupler

J.K. Prestressing is a reputed name in designing, manufacturing, and offering OEM production of top-notch bonded as well as unbounded mono strand coupler & anchor system. This monostrand anchor system is flexible for different types of structures.

Moreover, one can install unbonded monostrand couplers faster, easier, and with budget-friendliness. These systems have come with extensive applications, such as raised slabs, beams & transfer grinders, slab-on-grade, shear walls, mat foundations, and joists.

The unbonded systems of J.K. Prestressing come with the diameter strands of 0.5" and 0.6" with the coating of a specially-formulated layer of grease. However, the source of its outer layer is seamless plastic. It is released in one at-a-stretch operation for offering corrosion-protection.

Furthermore, every tendon of Post Tension Mono Strand Coupler is coiled with great accuracy. The same applies to its cutting, labeling, color-coding, and delivering to construction sites. Owing to high popularity, different types of anchorage systems are available in today’s market to cater to specific design needs.

As a popular mono strand coupler manufacturer, J.K. Prestressing offers encapsulated unbonded monostrand systems. These systems have incredible applications in areas, which are prone to corrosions.

Thanks to the greased plastic sleeves as well as grease-filled end caps, system strands are saved at the anchorages. Moreover, anchorage elements are completely wrapped in a high-density polyethylene plastic covering. Also, one can use an optional coupler anchorage system to safeguard the strand at all construction joints.

Spheroidal graphite cast iron acts as the source of this anchorage. It comes with one integration anchor for both a conventional anchor ring as well as a plate. Moreover, it can also streamline the complex constructing structure and process. It comes with the benefit of simplified construction and great sealability. It also provides perpendicularity between the strands and steel. Also, it can lower the price by more than 20%.