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JK Modular Strip Seal Expansion Joint

Modular strip seal expansion joint comes with two edge beams. Moreover, elastomeric and anchorage seal are strongly present in the beam’s casing, which ensures water resistance.

Also called lamella joints, modular joints can enable movements in three directions- vertical, transverse, and longitudinal. Moreover, it also ensures seismic motions as well as structures service. It features a mechanical control system that comes with uniform spacing of every centre beam. These joints contribute to making sure of a water-resistant system’s integrity.

When it comes to features, modular strip seal joint appears as an appropriate joint for mobility just over 80 mm. Moreover, it can also convert a joint into a water-resistant one. Also, it offers a consistent joint movement. It is essential to opt for only one of the best modular strip seal joint suppliers like JK Prestressing Co. to ensure a high-quality material.

Modular strip seal joint system comes as completely independent of the strands. Moreover, it is capable of substituting the work structure of every strand. Moreover, it also packs in top-level corrosion protection. It sports Aerodynamic Outer Sheath as well.

Furthermore, the seal joint system ensures reliability when it is about the design of the sealed modular joint. It makes use of a strip gland (single-layer), which comes with inner locking. That is how it has become simple to use in applications. The modular joint systems boast five design characteristics.

As a result, it becomes durable, robust, water-resistant, maintenance-free (virtually), and long-lasting. The manufacturing process of such a joint complies with the highest standards of fabrication. Also, these joints can be customized to cater to various requirements regarding movement as well as conditions.

JK Prestressing Co. has become a reputed and reliable name in the domain of modular strip seal joints. We always manufacture top-notch modular expansion joints to cater to challenging applications like long-span bridge structure.