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Jk- Metallic Sheathing

Concrete is the most famous construction material globally, thanks to its myriad advantages in the architectural field. However, concrete does not have the tensile strength or flexibility for withstanding the daily pressures of a dam, bridge, or road. It is here that the concept of prestressing assumes importance.

The bright minds at construction sites take a bunch of wires or strands together with metallic sheathingand incorporate them in the structure alongside concrete to transfer the tensile strength of these wires to the overall structure. An appropriate amount of stress introduction in the structure ensures that the stress of the live load is offset and the concrete won't buckle under pressure. The tensioning of these wires after their introduction in concrete is the post-tensioning process that makes the structure super-strong and durable.

The bonding of tendons or a bunch of wires with concrete needs a protective covering so that the wires don't corrode due to grout exposure. The Post Tensioning Sheathingensures that the steel wires remain safe and secure in their covering. This sheathing also ensures that the integrity of the structure remains unharmed due to the stress on the wires that are bound to expand them. The post tensioning sheathing ductsare thus vital for two-fold purpose-one, to keep the tendons and concrete comfortable with each other, and two, to prevent corrosion and quality degradation in the long run.

Keeping all these technicalities in mind, JK Prestressing presents the aptest sheathing solutions for all post tensioning scenarios, making them the best post tensioning sheathing manufacturer in India.