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JK-Hydraulic Jack With Hand Pump

Hydraulic Hand pumps is a hand operated unit which supplies oil to Hydraulic Jacks when in use. The capacity of the hand pump is defined by the Usable oil capacity of the Hydraulic jack. They come with Piston plunger assembly which helps in developing the pressure of 700bar to raise the Hydraulic jacks.

Hydraulic systems operate based on the principle that pressure applied to a fluid in a closed system distributes equally to all points of the system’s volume. For our purposes, this means that any force applied to a closed hydraulic system gets multiplied throughout that system as it compresses, generating a much stronger lifting motion than other applications that apply force directly to the object being lifted. To describe this process in more detail, hydraulic jacks operate via the following procedures:

  1. A pump plunger moves oil through two cylinders, creating pressure
  2. The system pulls the pump plunger back, causing the suction valve to draw oil into the pump chamber
  3. The system pushes the plunger down again, transporting oil through an external discharge valve and into the cylinder chamber
  4. The suction valve closes, which causes the pressure to build within the chamber
  5. The pressure build-up causes the piston to rise, lifting the heavy object

Hydraulic jacks play essential roles in many industries. Common uses of hydraulic jacks include:

  • Construction equipment
  • Heavy cranes
  • Automotive manufacturers and car shops
  • Earth-moving equipment
  • Power equipment
  • Material-handling equipment

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