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JK-Flat Post Tension Anchorages

The post-tensioning method is crucial for ensuring the overall stability of concrete structures. It is here that flat post tensioning anchorage system becomes important as prestressed steel strands hand over pre-determined load stress to the entire structure (ranging from walls and tanks to bridge grids and buildings) so that later on, in live load conditions, this stress counteracts against the incoming load and the structure stays stable.

There are different kinds of anchorage systems and Flat Post Tension Anchorages are useful mostly for bonded tendons. The complete system consists of ducts, jack, wedges, anchor head, grout vent, and anchor plate casting unit. First, the strands pass through the flat ducts that keep them stable and compact in place. These ducts have added protection from corrosion and such factors thanks to their construction with galvanized or non-galvanized metal. Thereafter, the mono strand jack stresses the strands passing through the ducts. The anchor head grips the strands while the anchor plate casting unit passes the stress to the structure for enhanced security and stability.

Moreover, the grout vent is useful for the grouting of tendons in the post-tensioning phase. This grouting process provides an extra layer of corrosion-protection and strength to the tendon setup and the flat post tensioning anchorage system.

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