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Finger Seal Expansion Jointsr

When it comes to bridge manufacturing, finger seal expansion joints come to the picture. Such joints are extremely efficient to withstand bridge expansion as well as contraction. Moreover, it also alleviates the level of noise pollution, which is evident in many other types of joints. The source element of such joints is sliding steel plates, joined to either side of the space of the road surface.

Finger seal expansion joint systems come in a specific pattern in which the steel plates exhibit movements in each other. Moreover, it also enables movement accompanied by the fingers’ axis themselves. Also, no moving parts are there connected with the joint. Therefore, cantilever moments lower the stress imposed on the structure. Furthermore, a vast replaceable gutter is also there beneath the finger type joint and its source is reinforced neoprene. It comes with an efficient drainage system into the ducts of the bridge. Moreover, the gutter also restricts the storage of standing water. And it alleviates the chance of vehicles’ aquaplaning.

At JK Prestressing Co., we have come with top-notch finger joints, which can alleviate pollution. We have come with two types of finger joints. One exhibits the capacity of 800mm whereas another features the capacity of 120mm.

Our finger joints have come with the requirements for small maintenance. Moreover, they have been designed to connect the bridge deck skews. Also, they are easy to cast into solid blockouts. The finger type joints of JK Prestressing Co. would keep on serving the bridge lifelong under normal scenarios.

Some applications need the requirements for effective maintenance. However, the finger joints of JK Prestressing Co. can last for longer. That means these finger joints set a robust and budget-friendly solution for most of the bridge applications. Moreover, our finger joints come custom-designed and do cater to different specifications.