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Jk-Dead End Anchorage

To ensure complete stability and security of every concrete structure, especially the ones with live load function, the civil engineers have come up with the elegant solution of prestressing. Through this process, pre-determined load stress accumulates in a series of wires or strands. These later bond with concrete in a bare or sheathed manner and the stress evenly distribute through the structure in the post-tensioning step where post tension dead end anchorage assumes importance. Later, when live load functionality happens, this stress counter-acts against the new load, and thus the structure does not buckle under any weight.

The anchorage block with wedge holes helps in keeping individual or bunch of strands together for laying in continuous tendons through the structure as well as for jacking of stress through the structure. If one end of the stressing cable buries in concrete or is otherwise inaccessible for the post-tensioning step, it calls for the use of a dead end anchorage. There are different types provided by dead end anchorages suppliers:-

-Type H

Easy transmission of force from the reinforcement area (made up of individual strands) to the concrete structure. Very even force transmission and very economical solution too. The stand-out feature is the pear-shaped head of the bonding area of the reinforcement and concrete.

-Type U

Apart from the bond between the reinforcement area and concrete, there is an additional force of the U-plate that strengthens the structure. Needs a special device for bending of ducts or strands and can work vertically or horizontally in the structure.

-Type P

When the distance between the tendon and the structure is very small, this curved anchor block with compression fittings becomes useful. The strands often use distance plates to stay in position.

-Type L

The stand-out is the U-shaped 180-degrees bending of prestressing steel and soft reinforcements in concrete behind anchorage to avoid cracks.

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