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Corrugated Metallic Flat Duct

The Corrugated Metallic Flat Duct of J.K. Prestressing has been structured by the direct round post-tensioning tube. The key qualities of this corrugated flat duct are its innovative corrugations, impeccable flexibility, and high radial stiffness. Hence, it can be easily and efficiently used as void formers.

Moreover, the applications of Flat Post Tensioning Duct also spread in the usage of forms as well as culverts. These structures have further applications in plinths, concrete pipes, and columns. These flat ducts can also alleviate the cross-section area and the respective structure’s weight.

Surprisingly, these ducts can lower around 40% of the weight and provide great effects on foundations. As a reputed corrugated metallic flat duct manufacturers, J.K. Prestressing always offers top-notch products to the customers.

Corrugated flat ducts can construct brilliant concrete walls. Moreover, these ducts can also take care of the needed slab thickness. That is how they have become an integral part of the post-tensioning industry.

Due to the incredible quality and brilliant applications, corrugated flat ducts have popularity and demand in foreign countries as well. Hence, these ducts get exported. The innovative extending technology enables smooth protection of the flat ducts. The raw material of corrugated flat duct is Galvanized Steel with a thickness of 0.3-0.4mm and the width of 78mm.

Corrugated flat ducts are extensively used in construction projects, such as parking garages, commercial buildings, bridges, residential buildings, schools, docks, and so on. Owing to the prestressed protection, the usability of flat ducts has increased a lot.

However, these ducts are lightweight and so they can cover spacious areas. Also, fewer columns of these ducts enable them to offer aesthetic, technical, and economical advantages.

Different types of ducts are available in the market, such as Prestressing sheathing bellows, Corrugated duct, Flat duct, galvanized pipe, Corrugated Tube et al.