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Jk-Corrugated HDPE Flat Duct Sheathing

It is only with the help of the prestressing method that we can enjoy marvels of civil engineering such as magnificent bridges, taller-than-the-horizon buildings, mind-boggling construction designs for flyovers, etc. The Corrugated HDPE Flat Duct Sheathing (made of high-density polyethylene) is a crucial part of this vital process in the field of concrete construction.

The steel strands need accumulation and gripping in a stable position in the post-tensioning step for transmitting the stress to the concrete structure and the duct sheathing ensures this bonding of tendons. In many construction projects such as underpass or tunnels, there is a limit on the concrete slab thickness, and this why HDPE Corrugated Sheathing Flat Duct becomes more useful than round ducts in such situations.

The best corrugated HDPE flat duct sheathing suppliers provide ducts with these advantages: -

  • They give enhanced corrosion protection to the tendons
  • They have good resistance to weathering and such external elements that lead to wear and tear in the normal course
  • They give exceptional flexibility and strength in the face of adverse environmental factors
  • Their length leads to lesser joints and they are also more economical
  • They are faster to lay and thus the project reaches completion sooner
  • They are chemically inert
  • They give great bonding performance with concrete, hence increased security

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