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Compression Seal Expansion Joint

A compression seal expansion joint system comes with an elastomeric gland. It offers an incredible waterproof sealing system being mechanically locked. Thanks to its robust design that it can hold the heavy loads of traffic with ease. Moreover, it can also seal the expansion joints with the ace in structures as well as bridges with motions.

Furthermore, its machined steel shapes enhance seal installation ability. It also alleviates manufacturing tolerance accompanied by steel shape manufacture. Compression seal expansion joint manufacturers must ensure a great design to streamline the structural movements, caused by temperature-induced expansion as well as expansion. So, it is essential to rely on a reputed manufacturer like JK Prestressing Co.

A compression seal expansion joint system helps to enhance the longevity of concrete structures. Such joints contribute a lot when it comes to overpasses, parking garages, sidewalks, overpasses, roadways, railway tracks, and piping structures. Nowadays, different types of expansion joints are available in the market. However, it is essential to know the differences to opt for the appropriate one for a construction project.

At JK Prestressing Co., we have come with a comprehensive collection of expansion joint systems, including Combo Joint, Asphaltic Plug Joint, Elastomeric Expansion Joints, and Compression Seal Joint.

We hold an efficient technical support team to help our customers with their queries and questions regarding our products. At JK Prestressing Co., we are always in search of a specific application starting from the first design to the last installation. Thus, we can choose the best yet greatly affordable solution.

Compression seal expansion joints contain steel angles along with steel bridging plate system. It comes covered with a flexible elastomeric. Moreover, bridge expansion joints can stand up to movements as well as loads at a maximum of 330 mm. However, it does not affect the supporting structure or surface throughout its operation. Moreover, these joints exhibit decent slip resistance and riding quality.