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Jk- Centerk Hole Jack

The field of civil engineering is rife with processes like stressing and tensioning of cables. There are a lot of equipment that provide smoothness to these methods and no civil engineering project can complete in their absence. The Center Hole Jack is one such nifty tool, used for pulling, pushing, and lifting activities at construction sites.

The Center Hole Single Acting Jack can withstand loads ranging from 20 to 100 tonnes and work marvellously for activities ranging from pushing cylinders and testing anchorage to tightening suspension bridge ropes and testing rebars. Thanks to its solid and stable construction, it needs minimal attention to upkeep and works as a trusted companion for the construction of houses, hotels, bridges, and more.

The best center hole jack manufacturers such as JK Prestressing Co. provide jacks with features such as: -

  • Resistance to corrosion and long-lasting life
  • Dust caps for enhancing functionality and protection from environmental aggressors
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling at every project site
  • Smoother lowering experience
  • No danger of foreign particles entering the jack thanks to wiper or scraper
  • Multi-purpose functionality for pushing as well as pulling
  • Customization facility for different projects as per their needs

The reputed house of JK Prestressing Co. brings an unparalleled gamut of experience as well as expertise in bringing the aptest center hole jack specifications for all projects. Get in touch with the experienced professionals at JK Prestressing Co. for personalizing a range of center hole jacks for every kind of civil engineering project out there.