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J.K.PRESTRESSING COMPANY introduce ourselves as a Leading Manufacturers of Prestressing Material Anchor Cone, Anchor Head, Wedge, HDPE/ Metallic Sheathing Prestressing Equipments Multipul Jack, Electric Power Pack, Grout Pump, Electrical Agitator , Expansion Joints Strip Seal, Slab Seal, Finger, Compression Seal, Modular Seal, Sliding Plate , Hydraulic Jacks Plain Ram, Screw Ram, Hollow Ram , Hydraulic Presses, Well point Dewatering System Vacuum Piston Pump, Self Priming Impeller Pump, HDPE Pipe Line, Filters etc Established in 1994. We are supplying above said material all over the country for years, we are proud to inform you that our company is getting repeated orders from almost all of our clients.
J.K.PRESTRESSING COMPANY has followed a systematic policy of up-gradation in design and manufacturing. It now offers a complete range Bridge Bearings Central Hinge, Up-Lift, Knuckle, Disc etc , Hydraulic systems 700 Bars, Expansion Joints, Prestressing Equipments, manufactured for construction Heavy Engg. , Hydro Electric Projects, Mining, Tunneling, Infrastructure etc. With the passing of time JK gradually increased the capability, in the field of engineering & technology and now holds the leading position in the field of Structural Bearing, Prestressing equipments, Expansion joints , Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Jacks, Well Point De-watering Pump, Plywood, Etc.
J.K.PRESTRESSING COMPANY is one of the fast growing Company because of its strict control in all of the manufacturing process and best service after –sale service to our customers. To achieve this, we begin with state of art engineering extensive product testing and manufacturing of the very best quality product ,as customer’s satisfaction is our motto and fully understand the concept of "Quality is the life of a Company"
J.K.PRESTRESSING COMPANY is committed to deliver cost effective & best quality products to meet Clients needs and ensure their delightment. We assure you our best services, we remain.