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Jk- 3 Segment Live Wedges

Concrete, while being the numero uno choice for any construction activity throughout the civilized world, is not particularly famous for its tensile strength. While it can withstand unbelievable amounts of load, it can also develop cracks under any kind of pulling or divided forces. This is where prestressing and post-tensioning processes become important.

The problem of low tensile strength of concrete solves when standard 7-wire high-tensile steel tendons introduce stress in the concrete structure. The steel cable post tension wedges bring a variety of forces, including frictional and deviational, into the concrete structure to prepare it for absorbing and withstanding different kinds of load without cracking or deviating. From parking structures to storage tanks and from silos to bridges, these anchor grip wedges bring unparalleled strength to every structure.

The myriad benefits of post tension master wedges include: -

  • It gives a Cost-saving proposition due to lesser amount of rebar and thinner concrete usage
  • It provides durability and strength in a shorter time span
  • It improves the structure strength for events such as unexpected seismic upheaval
  • The post-tensioning process lowers overall maintenance cost over the lifetime of the structure
  • It is an apt process for the modern environmentally conscious society thanks to its lower carbon footprint
  • Most importantly, it prevents cracking of concrete or any other weakness, making the structure perfect for usage such as for water containment in storage tanks.

Whether one is looking for suppliers for any concrete or masonry work, there is only one name that prevails among the best post tension cable wedges manufacturers in India, and that is JK Prestressing Company. We provide the most reliable and international-quality products for all prestressing and post-tensioning needs.